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Transponder reader module for home automation and alarm

Flush-mounted reader module for transponder proximity keys, that allows to control the system status thanks to the multicolour signal LED: on, off, alarm…

  • Available for the main series in the market


Flush-mounted transponder reader for home automation

This is a flush-mounted reader module for accesses control with RFID technology, for transponder proximity keys, with control sheet remoted by flat cable.
You can use it as a module for outside door to control accesses or electronic locks.
You can use it in common areas of hotel and accommodation facilities (access to wellness area, gym…)

  • Easy installation and it can be used with high level of security thanks to RFID technology

  • Available for the main series in the market


Supervision software for B&B/Lodging houses

It allows to generate control screens of the supervision system (it is not essential for the operation of the system itself), for a complete and effective management of its several functionalities:
• Audio-video management
• Lights management and RGB, DMX, DALI control
• Automations and irrigation control
• Heating and air conditioning
• Accesses control
• Scenarios
• Interfacing with ETH-AL01 alarm system
• Power consumptions supervision
• Remote control

  • Easy-to-use interface to facilitate Kblue users


License key for ETH-HOTEL hotel system supervision

Thanks to an extremely user-friendly interface, ETH-VIEW-HOTEL software can control several aspects of tourist accommodations, such as check-in/check-out in hotels, holiday villages and residence hotels.

  • Management of rooms, and commons and private areas

  • Alarm and emergency calls

  • Data logging

  • Programming sequence to disconnect loads, to avoid annoying blackouts

lettore card per hotel esterno camera personalizzatolettore card per hotel esterno camera

Hotel card reader KB-ROOM_OUT

  • 3 icons dedicated to everyday usage functions

  • MIFARE card reader

  • Card reader customization with silk-screened room number