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Multifunction module flush mounted 4in/2out triac

This compact module can be installed in mounted boxes and it allows to increase the number of inputs and outputs in Kblue home automation system. ETH-I42T is recommended for the management of lights and power loads of max 100W (e.g. halogen bulb).
ETH-I42T can be used to control extractor fans, because the two outputs of the module can be controlled simultaneously.

  • Flush mounted solution to manage lights

  • It can be placed in a mounted box behind switches


Multifunction module flush mounted 4in/4out

A new flush-mounted solution, smaller and more functional.
ETH-I44 has got 4 configurable inputs and 4 open collector digital outputs that can manage relay with 12V coil or micro-lamps for backlights.
It is an expansion module in/out of ETH home automation system and it can be used to manage fan coils.

  • More domotics in small sizes

  • For mounted boxes


Multifunction module flush mounted 4in LED

ETH-I44L is smaller and more functional than its previous models; it allows you to collect and transmit, through BUS, ON-OFF signals from sensors, buttons, limit switch or other devices that provide a dry contact.
Moreover it has outputs specifically designed for switches of all the series in the market with signal LED (you can connect normal LED diodes).

  • More domotics in small sizes

  • It manages the bright feedback of the control buttons

  • For mounted boxes


RJ45 Keystone brightness sensor

This sensor allows to integrate several functions such as manage automatically the integration of natural and artificial light, control the settings of environmental brightness and set the twilight function.

  • Integration between natural and artificial light

  • Best comfort and energy saving

  • RJ45 Keystone adapter not included


Multifunction module for DIN rail 4out bistable relay 16A

ETH-S04RB has got 4 bistable relay outputs 16A; it is an useful solution to allocate elements connected via BUS and suitable  for mounted boxes module like ETH-I44 and ETH-I44L.


  • Power consumptions reduction

  • Works without BUS too


Multifunction module for DIN rail 6in/4out analogue

ETH-S64A module has got 6 inputs to collect and transmit digital or analogue signals and 4 analogue outputs 0-10V.
A perfect solution for illuminating engineering, for RGB LED strip control and management, brightness sensors and dimmable lamps.

  • Suitable for the modular control of fan coil

  • It fixes the distance problems of the 0-10V signal because it can be positioned near the devices


Multifunction module for DIN rail 6/in/4out bistable relay 16A

In the smallest space of all time – only 2 DIN rail modules – Kblue has improved performances of the products in the “slave modules for DIN rail” category, halving their volume too.
It is an innovative solution to control lighting, loads, automations and other devices.
You can use the ETH-S64RB also in STAND-ALONE mode.

  • Power consumptions reduction

  • Works without BUS too

  • Front selector for automatic (domotics – multifunction) or manual (lights control – stand alone) mode


DALI protocol interface module

Interface module that can individually control up to 15 DALI groups.

  • Ideal for dimming and automatic regulation depending on natural light

  • You can modify the system, reprogramming scenarios without operating on the system itself


DMX protocol converter module

Interface gateway from Modbus protocol to DMX protocol.
It allows to convert up to 50 Modbus variables in DMX channels.

  • Ideal to control RGBW lights

  • Professional technical lighting and colour changing speed