Only one system for several hotel demands

ETH-HOTEL is the hotel smart management system designed and produced by Kblue following the highest quality standards. Thanks to the most recent technologies it offers high performances to control every hotel’ function in real time.

It is a modular and easily expandable system which complies with modern hotel requirements, satisfying the needs of each client. Thanks to an user-friendly interface you can manage a lot of functions in hotels, B&B’s, tourist resorts: check-in/check-out, rooms management, air conditioning management and access control of the common areas, lighting control, alarm signals, as well as data monitoring system to provide real-time feedback on energy consumption and prevent the occurrence of blackouts.

The ETH system allows to control accommodation facilities by means of specific components for monitoring rooms and common areas through PC, which works as a supervisor and data entry (device).


Use lights only when necessary thanks to our special attendance’ sensors. In each room you can manage lights and their intensity, automatically activating courtesy lights or timed shutdown when the room is free.


Heating and air conditioning

With the ETH thermostat guests can easily set the temperature in their rooms independently. Save your money with the centralized management of common areas and the switching off of the heating system when there are open windows.


Energy saving

Our centralized supervision system from the reception area allows you to check your hotel in real time, to promptly solve a problem and to disable a user when the room is free. Moreover, our system measures energy supplies in real time and controls electrical loads.



You can activate different types of badges (guest, passepartout), you can monitor windows and doors, using cameras for video surveillance and activate alarms and emergency calls when necessary. Meanwhile a PC stores all the data 24-hours a day and displays them with the supervision software.


Access control

Badge readers (in and out the room) can manage the access and occupation functions, and they have a handy “do not disturb” function. Services (lights, heating…) start only when you insert a valid badge into the reader and they are diversified according to their users.



Use this feature in your wellness centres, SPAs and gyms. Customize each area with different scenarios with lights effects, olfactory designs and audio/video effects. Your guests can use scenarios too, so they can create the best atmosphere in their rooms, setting lights and temperature.


Manage doors, windows, curtains, entryways, gates automations to improve your guests’ comfort and  security.