For a new dimension of domotics: simplicity

Offices, shops, firms, museums in ancient palaces, sports centres and spa: Kblue domotics is the perfect solution to build big facilities full of services, improve the quality of working environments (enhancing the supervision), guarantee a greater safety and save energy by controlling it and reducing management costs. Keep always under control your lighting, air conditioning, heating, automation and security system!

More comfort

The ETH system meets all the needs and allows you to customize every work environment; it optimizes the heating, accurately lights up rooms and it allows a multiroom audio-video broadcasting.

Energy Saving

The energy control allows you to constantly supervise your energy consumptions and the energy production; the independent management of every office or room allows you to use lights and air conditioning/heating system avoiding energy waste.


Remote control

All the information and the features of the system are available and controllable both from remote, via smartphone or laptop, and local: you can modify the system settings or the connected devices in total freedom and safety. Kblue solutions can evolve with your needs.


Access control

Through fingerprints or badge readers you can create delimited accesses for specific days or hours, recording every entry.



Save energy by controlling lighting in each area and turning off the lights automatically or manually with your device, if there is nobody. You can also create lighting effects.


Heating and air conditioning

You can adjust the temperature with a simple touch and set up the ventilation depending on the weather and the number of people in a certain room or department.



Kblue offers a sense of security to whom is away from home; in addition to the alarm system, you can install a video surveillance system, with an intuitive control interface, manageable from remote via smartphone or laptop in order to avoid thefts.