For a house that follows the lifestyle of its residents

Thanks to our home automation system the features of your home will increase following your preferences.

For every space, indoor or outdoor, Kblue domotics offers a lot of functions in order to improve and simplify your home management, transforming it in a smart home!

More energy saving

You can adjust the efficiency of each device (managing the power supply of each appliance such as oven, dishwasher and washing machine). You can also constantly supervise your renewable sources with real-time data on energy production and usage per day, week and month.


Remote control

Now you can control your house wherever you are via smartphone, tablet and laptop in an intuitive way. As a matter of fact you can manage several systems (electrical, heating, air conditioners, alarm, video surveillance and video entryphone…).



One of the main goals of the ETH home automation system by Kblue is to protect your home. Our home automation system is entirely integrated with the alarm system with which it shares the resources so you can manage your ETH-AL01 alarm.


More comfort

We care about our consumers, above all elders and disabled, children and inpatients; our solutions are designed to improve the life of everybody with a technology that simplifies every aspect of their home (automations, heating and cooling control, lighting and video entryphone).


Increase the value of your home

By installing Kblue domotics you can access to a higher class of energy efficiency than a house with a traditional system, thus increasing the value of your house.