It is a radical change for the manufacturing sector; the application of new digital technologies in R&D will transform the way industries work. Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution. The word, used for the first time in Germany in 2011, describes the transformation underway focused on the exploitation of large amounts of data and information, and the application of digital technologies to connect, innovate and manage the value chain in the manufacturing sectors.

  • big data, open data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing to centralize and store information;
  • data analysis to obtain value from their collection;
  • interaction between man and machine, and Augmented Reality
  • move from digital to “real” (additive manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, communications, machine-to-machine interaction) and new technologies to store and use energy in a targeted way.
  • FLEXIBILITY in the production
  • SPEED in the industrialization projects and reduction on the TIME TO MARKET
  • PRODUCTIVITY thanks to shorter times and fewer wastes
  • QUALITY and fewer waste along with a greater control of production in real time
  • COMPETITIVENESS thanks to products with greater added value and “digital” functionalities.

Kblue accompanies customers to the complete automation of the machineries and production lines, adopting solutions already available on the market or designing custom devices that satisfy specific technical or economic needs. The group consists:

  • We design and realize systems for industrial automation, implementing and programming of control equipment and standard software (PLC, CN, PC, SCADA, etc.).
  • We design and realize electronic devices, embedded systems, and control software (app for local and remote supervision) for industrial and civil applications.
  • HMI – local or remote interface man/machine for Operator Panels, PC (Windows or Linux) and mobile devices (smartphone/tablet iOS or Android);
  • ROBOTICS – robot programming for assembly lines, manipulation, packaging and subdoing of operating machines;
  • MOTION – management of movement devices, from simple asynchronous motors with frequency converter to more complex brushless and linear motors;
  • SUPERVISION – production monitoring and control, with data sharing with the company’s managerial systems;
  • IOT – applications “Internet of Things” through an integrated solution of hardware, software and web portal;
  • PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE – analysis of parameters processed to prevent machine stops due to the breakdown of parts of the machinery itself;
  • SPECIAL SENSORISTICS – we realize sensors (inductive, optical, capacitive, etc.) for the detection of particular elements (e.g. revealing wire break in textile machinery);
  • CUSTOM ELECTRONICS – design and production of custom electronic devices, meant to satisfy specific needs replacing the standard equipment.