Discover the Klever kit by Kblue

Klever Kit is the brand new Kblue solution to control temperature, lighting, and shading simply using your Smart Kult Thermostat.

Through the new WiFi Thermostat, you can control your system from anywhere at any time, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity, and avoiding waste of energy thanks to geolocation function.

Not only temperature! The new Kblue My Therm app offers Smart-Home features, communicating with other smart devices to create scenes and trigger the opening or closing of shades and lights.

klever thermostat in a house

Why choose Klever

The domotics solution for your home.

No programming.

Integrated Cloud Platform and WiFi connectivity.

Supported app for Smart Kult Thermostat or Klever kit.

klever kit

WiFi connectivity and integrated Cloud Platform




Home Automation & IoT

What’s inside the Klever kit?


Smart Kult Thermostat

Thermostat with HD colour touch screen 2.8″ display, available in black or white, provided with an add-on module: RR variation with 2 relay outputs, RA variation with 1 relay output and 1 output 0-10V


Lighting control modules

Module with 6 pre-configured inputs for local control and scenarios, and 4 bistable relay outputs (16A res.) with NO contacts. Power supply 12Vdc from BUS.


Shading control modules

Module with 4 pre-configured inputs for local control and scenarios, and 2 triac + relay outputs to control shades (max 300W). Power supply 12Vdc form BUS.


Switching power supply unit

Switching power supply unit 12V 54W with input 85-264 Vac and output 12Vdc 4,5A. Dimensions: 3 modules DIN rail.