Original and customized solutions

Kblue works in the field of electronic products design and manufactur for industrial and civil applications. Thanks to the expertise gained in over twenty years of high technological projects, Kblue fully manages every planning stage and every aspect of production.A team of highly skilled technicians can provide high quality solutions, in line with the ever more specific demands of the market.


We start analysing the specific needs and studying the goals we want to achieve. Then we design hardware, firmware and software of sophisticated PCBs and “custom” electronic equipment. We are able to solve even the most particular issue that, cannot be resolved using the standard solutions in the market because of excessive costs or technical limitations. We directly manage the components supply and the products programming and testing. During assembly, we work with trusted companies which offer a high quality in line with our values. We also propose a series of “semi-standard” products. Thanks to their extremely modular architecture and ease of programming, our products can be adapted to the specific needs of different applications. For customers this is possible even without spending a lot of money in their initial design projects and without facing an exacting production batch. Moreover they have the opportunity to customize our products technically and aesthetically.



Kblue has always worked in the design and construction of electronic components for data acquisition systems to be applied on textile machines, mainly on spinning wheels.
The main elements of this system are two highly reliable sensors based on the following different technologies:

  1. The KSENSOR inductive sensor, is designed to reveal the wire break during the spinning, and it can detect the orbiting of the traveler in a ring-spinning machine.
  2. The KSTAR optical sensor performs a “contactless” measurement and allows to obtain, besides the detection of wire break, other extremely useful parameters, (e.g. the wire vibration). The exceptional sensitivity of the optical sensor helps it to identify wires of any count and any color, even black lycra.



We have a selection of products and home solutions for heating and air conditioning systems, with a full hardware and software development. We can realize and customize any project related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), sharing with our partners the experience in home automation to create products ready for the market of the Internet of Things.