Kblue alarm system

Designed to protect houses and blocks of flats. Provided with a second BUS port, it allows you to connect the alarm at the home automation system. In this way the two systems can share the same sources, though remaining independent; so you can use alarm sensors to turning off lights and heating.
Thanks to ETH-WEB web server you can manage the alarm system from local or remote; ETH-ALARM can receive alarm alerts via email as well as SMS and calls from the ETH-GSM interface.

  • Integrate security

  • Compatibility with ETH home automation system



Designed to protect houses and blocks of flats, it has the security of a 4-conductor BUS system and its installation is as easy as radio one.
8 configurable inputs
(balanced, NC, NO).
2 relay outputs 24V 1A resistive.
2 open collector outputs 12Vdc 200mA.
The following devices can be connected to the ETH-ALARM Unit:
32 I/O expansions on BUS, 264 zones in total (wired zones).
16 transponder activators on BUS.
8 remote terminals (ETH-TAST20 and ETH-HD-KTAST), 64 radio detectors e 16 remote controls.
GSM/GPRS Module to control alarm and home automation system (optional).