Web server Kblue

ETH-WEB: the perfect solution to control your system wherever you are.
It has an intuitive interface to control your home, with an innovative design and an easy-to-use graphics.
The remote control feature works with both mobile devices and desktop (e.g. smartphone, iPhone or iPad, Pc…) connecting to the internet via any common browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.
You can easily control and set the system even when you are away by using user friendly graphic maps created to manage lights, automations, temperature and the ETH-AL01 anti-theft unit.

  • Multi-user access (up to 8)

  • Simplified programming and use

  • Data logger included for production and consumptions records

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Send notifications, alerts, reports, email


Web server for local and remote ETH system control.
LAN Ethernet connection.
Power supply 12Vdc from BUS.
Installation DIN rail.
Dimensions: H113xP66xL70 mm
(4 modules).
Customizable interface with the new graphic ETH-Designer.
Multi-client: simultaneous access only
up to 8 users