Smart Kult Wifi Thermostat

The new Wifi Thermostat has got a wide touch screen display, a captivating user interface and it is extremely easy to use thanks to the app and cloud connectivity.

Low voltage and 230V compatibility, along with smart relays and analogue 0-10V output options, make it possible to extend the use of the new Smart Kult Thermostat with existing heating + cooling systems.

The built-in Wifi connectivity, linked to the new geolocation function, lets you keep your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity (RH) with little to no input added.

  • RS485 communication port

  • Built-in Wifi connectivity

  • Kblue app and Smart Home integration to control temperature, lighting and automations through cloud connectivity


Smart Kult Wifi Thermostat technical data
2,8” TFT colour touch screen display
Electrical absorptions:
<40mA display off
<100mA display on
Temperature: measuring range 0-50°C, resolution 0,1°C, accuracy 0,5°C
Humidity: measuring range 0-100RH, resolution 1RH, accuracy ± 3RH
Dimensions: H94xP11xL118 mm
Available in black or white

Add-on technical data
Power supply 230Vac/12 Vdc
Available outputs:
– 2 outs relay version
– 1 out relay + 1 out analogue 0/10V version
Dimensions: H52xP39xL49 mm


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