Hotel card reader KB-ROOM_IN

  • Modern and elegant design

  • MIFARE card reader

  • Services customization



Hotel card reader – inside room

KB-ROOM_IN is the card reader for hotel by Kblue to be installed inside the room to be managed to allow the activation of loads and room services only in the presence of a card which has been enabled. The device has a pocket where the guest can insert his card when he is inside the room. KB-ROOM_IN is adaptable to every room and need thanks to the elegant and modern design.

KB-ROOM_IN is part of the Kblue home automation system for hotel (discover KB-ROOM_OUT the hotel card reader outside room).

Technical specifications

Voltage: 12V
Consumption: 100 mA nominal
Protection class: IP20
2 configurable inputs: digital 12V voltage
2 bistable relay outputs 250VAC, 5A resistive load, 2A inductive load and 1 LED pocket lighting
Operating temperature: from 0° to +55°C
Available in black and white
Dimensions: recessed 72x35x53 mm (HxDxL), front panel 130x12x102 mm (HxDxL)
Weight: 200 g